The Fourth Age

Ghosts of Eregion

Shadows of Angmar, Part 2

The Shadows of Angmar: Ghosts of Eregion

The Undertowers Adventuring Company discovered the ruins of Ost-in-Edhil, the ancient capital of Eregion. A monstrous troll had taken up residence there, and nearly defeated them, but the company slew him instead. They discovered several treasures within, including a crown from fallen Númenór and 30 ells of hithlain rope woven by the Noldorin elves. Nawfal discovered a black spear surrounded by Fëanorian runes set in mithral explaining that this was the spear of an evil king of the Easterlings named Aglarân. He was given a ring of power by Sauron and transformed into one of his Nazg&ucircl — indeed, the chief among them, the Lord of the Ringwraiths. This magical weapon was what the company had come seeking: a weapon with which they could fight the ghosts and wraiths that lay before them.

Within the ruins, they found a wraith before a special forge. It was Gelmir, once one of the greatest smiths of Eregion. He said that a fell rite pulled his lord, Celebrimbor, back to Middle-earth. Gelmir was drawn back to Middle-earth with him, but could not discover his lord’s fate. Instead, he was bound to this anvil: a special anvil that he made to Celebrimbor’s specifications to help his lord forge the rings of power for Sauron. Dwalin revealed that he had with him Thráin’s Ring. Gelmir possessed him and together they remade the ring, ridding it of the Enemy’s influence. Gelmir did not leave Dwalin, though; he wanted to find Celebrimbor and recover as many of the rings of power as still remained to remake them as well.

Pursued by wargs and vampires, the company fled from the ruins of Ost. Once away, Éowyn Fairbairn pointed to a passage in the Red Book of Westmarch where Meriadoc Brandybuck awoke from slumber after he was dragged into a tomb by the barrow wights. In his dreams, he had relived the memories of the one buried in the tomb. Éowyn suggested that if they were to enter the old tombs in the Barrow Downs, they might relive the memories of the kings and heroes of Cardolan, and in those memories they might find clues as to the locations of the morgul blades.



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