The Fourth Age

The Rebellion

The New Shadow, Part 1

The New Shadow: The Rebellion

Borlas, son of Beregond was not a wealthy man, but he had been a Captain of the White Guard, close to the Prince of Ithilien. He knew many people in Gondor and could make many valuable introductions, and so Éowyn Fairbairn traveled to his home in Pen-arduin to seek his patronage. Borlas expressed his concern for his son’s childhood friend, Saelon, son of Duilin, believing that he’d gotten himself mixed up in something sinister in Minas Tirith.

Meeting at the Undertowers Adventuring Company office in Minas Tirith, Thorondir and Garivald the Healer sought out Duilbarad, son of Duinhir to seek his support for the Rangers of Ithilien and their efforts to help restore the wastelands of Mordor. Duilbarad expressed support for their efforts, but said that the support that they really needed could only come from the king. If more power rested with a Council of Lords, as the anti-monarchists suggest, then he could apply pressure to help them. He asked them to attend a party the following night, and to invite their companions as well, so that they could relate their adventures in Khazad-dûm, and he could introduce them to some powerful and wealthy lords. The party ended on a sour note, though, when Duilbarad revealed his fighting pit to entertain his guests with a caragor fight.

A protest along Lampwrights’ Street passed the door of the Undertowers Adventuring Company office. They helped keep it from getting out of control, as some young people tried to instigate a riot. Thorondir met Gilraen, the leader of the rally, while Nawfal and Garivald chased down the instigators. They were members of a small street gang that dressed as orcs to rob, vandalize, and intimidate. They revealed their connection to a cultist who promised to teach them sorcery in return for their obedience in tasks like turning the rally into a riot.

Meanwhile, Hallas, son of Halbarad sought out Éowyn Fairbairn after meeting her at Duilbarad’s party, and sought her help in rooting out a conspiracy in the anti-monarchist movement plotting rebellion. He knew that another of the party’s attendees, a Haradrim merchant named Qusay eb Hannad, was in fact a representative of the pirate lord Jibran the Red. The rebels hoped that Jibran’s pirate fleet would provide a navy for their rebellion. He urged Éowyn to stop Qusay before he made it out to sea.

The young “orcs” would meet with the cultist on the same night that Qusay would slip out to sea, so the fellowship split themselves into two groups: Dwalin, Nawfal, and Garivald to catch the cultist, while Éowyn and Thorondir would stop Qusay.



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