Retired Captain of the White Guard


Borlas, son of Beregond


Borlas was the second son of Beregond, the first Captain of the White Guard under Faramir, Prince of Ithilien. He eventually succeeded his father in that post. Now old and retired, he lives in Pen-arduin in Emyn Arnen. Saelon has been a friend of his son Berelach since childhood. He has a very avuncular relationship with Saelon, and often worries for his well-being.

Borlas as a Patron

Borlas is not rich, and so cannot offer much in terms of wealth or treasure, but he is old and still knows much of the politics of Gondor. He can make valuable introductions and offer sage counsel to the company. You can meet with Borlas only if at least one member of the company has Wisdom 3 or higher.

Art by Britt Martin


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