Lord of Pelargir


Duilbarad, son of Duinhir


Duilbarad, son of Duinhir is the lord of Pelargir, the most active port city in the Reunited Kingdom. He possesses both wealth and power, making him one of the most powerful lords of Gondor, but his people, the Men of Lebennin, receive little respect, because of their mixed blood. They descend both from the Númenóreans like the other Dúnedain, but they are also descended from the indigenous Men of the Mountains displaced by their Númenórean ancestors. The Dúnedain pride themselves on their pure Númenórean blood, and so this is widely seen as something that makes the Men of Lebennin inferior to them. Duilbarad does not tolerate such notions, though. He says that the mixed ancestry of his people ennobles them, combining the might of Númenór with roots in the soil of Lebennin that predate the isle of Westernesse by thousands of years, reconciling the terrible history of Númenórean colonialism in themselves.

This probably plays a key role in Duilbarad’s support for the growing movement pressuring King Eldarion to abdicate some measure of his power to a Council of Lords. He has said publicly that he is troubled by how much the kingdom values a man’s blood over his deeds, and what he has said in support of a Council suggests that he sees a hereditary monarchy as a key part of that problem.

Art by unknown artist.


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