Finduilas, son of Finduilin


Finduilas was a furrier in Minas Tirith, Gilraen’s suitor, and a member of the Melkorist cult. He was key to the cult’s plans to infiltrate the anti-monarchist movement. By being close to Gilraen, he was able to infiltrate the movement’s inner circle, and as a furrier, he had frequent access to Hallas, son of Halbarad, enabling him to discover information about what the movement planned to do next and then passing that information along to Hallas, who could then stop it and gain greater access to King Eldarion. Finduilas was discovered by the Undertowers Adventuring Company and Saelon, though, allowing them to root out the cult in Minas Tirith. Finduilas’s life was spared, as was Hallas’s. He went into exile in Rhûn along with his master.

Art by unknown artist.


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