Orc Ruler of Moria




The orcs of Moria follow a warchief named Gazhûl — the father of Azog the Defiler, and said to have been born in the Second Age thousands of years ago. When Morgoth first twisted elves into orcs, he destroyed the grace that kept their bodies alive for millennia on end, so they do not share the immortality of their former kin. However, it is said that in the First Age, some of the lesser maiar who followed Morgoth may have taken on the shape of orcs and led their armies. It is said that the great orcs like Azog may be the descendants of these maiar. Perhaps maiar blood restores the orcs’ lost immortality; after all, all of the great orcs who have died, died violently. Or perhaps Gazhûl is no orc at all, but a lesser maiar, a servant of Morgoth, who has taken the shape of an orc.

Art by unknown artist.


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