Elf Wraith


Gelmir of Eregion


In life, Gelmir was one of the greatest smiths of Eregion, a devoted follower of his lord Celebrimbor, and rivals with the then up-and-coming smith Damron who survived the fall of Eregion. When fell rites brought Celebrimbor back to Middle-earth, Gelmir’s devotion pulled him back as well. Bound to the forge where he helped his lord forge the rings of power, Gelmir remained for untold years until he was discovered by the Undertowers Adventuring Company. He possessed Dwalin to help him remake Thráin’s Ring and purge it of its evil, and then remained with him to seek out his lord and the remaining rings of power to purge the Enemy’s influence from them all.

Art by Magali Villeneuve.


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