Jibran the Red

The Terror of Belfalas


Jibran the Red


The Númenóreans founded the city of Umbar in the Second Age south of the outflow of Anduin at the Bay of Belfalas in a convenient, useful natural haven. After the fall of Númenór Umbar became a realm-in-exile like Gondor and Arnor, but it was controlled by the “Black Númenóreans,” as the Faithful called them, or the King’s Men as they called themselves, for they had remained loyal to Ar-Pharazôn the Golden when he attempted to invade the Undying Lands. Umbar was an enemy of Gondor for many centuries, but it fell under Gondor’s sway in the Third Age until it broke away after supporting the usurper Castamir, taking with it much of Gondor’s naval power. The corsairs of Umbar terrorized the shores of Gondor for centuries to come, and welcomed the kingdom’s fugitives, rebels, and exiles. Much of Umbar’s power was broken by an expedition led by Thorongil — one of several names used by King Elessar II in his youth. After the War of the Ring, Umbar fell once again under the power of the Reunited Kingdom.

Jibran considers the Reunited Kingdom a foreign occupying power. He has had a long, successful career as a pirate in the Bay of Belfalas, which he sees not only as economically lucrative, but as his part of fighting a revolution to oust the Reunited Kingdom from Umbar. He is known as “the Terror of Belfalas,” and at this point commands a small fleet of pirate ships that harass the shorelines. He is the most wanted criminal in the Reunited Kingdom.

The anti-monarchist movement in Minas Tirith sought aid from Jibran through his intermediary, a Haradrim merchant named Qusay eb Hannad. With Jibran’s political stance, they hoped that his pirate fleet could provide much-needed naval support for their plans to rebel against the king. Qusay believed that Jibran would be enthusiastic about the idea, but he never had the chance to bring it to him; he was captured by Éowyn Fairbairn and Thorondir at the Harlond before he could return to his master.

Art by Sergey Samuilov.

Jibran the Red

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