Secret Agent of King Eldarion


Saelon, son of Duilin


From a young age Saelon was friends with Berelach, son of Borlas. One day, Borlas caught Saelon and some of his other friends destroying ripe apples for fun. He called it “orcs’ work.” Saelon grew up with a far more pragmatic and relativistic view of morality than Borlas, which made him often worry for the boy. When Saelon was an adult, Borlas became concerned that Saelon had gotten involved with a Melkorist cult in Minas Tirith, so that when Éowyn Fairbairn came to ask for his patronage, Borlas asked her to look into the matter. As it turned out, there was indeed a Melkorist cult growing in Minas Tirith and Saelon had gotten involved with it — but not as a member. Saelon had become a secret agent of King Eldarion, and had infiltrated the cult to learn of its activities. The Undertowers Adventuring Company helped him root out the cult and expose Hallas, son of Halbarad as a traitor.

Art by Young-june Choi.


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