The Men of the West are the descendants of ancient Númenor. Isildur and Anárion, the heirs of Elendil, founded the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor when that island was destroyed in the Second Age. Though the blood of Númenor is now all but spent, the Dúnedain retain a nobility in spirit and body, wisdom, discernment, and even, on ever more rare occasion, the gift of prophecy. From its very beginning, Gondor stood as an enemy of Sauron, and throughout the Third Age it stood as the bulwark of the Free Peoples against the threat of Mordor. Today it is ruled by Eldarion Talcontar, the son of King Elessar (known before his coronation as Aragorn) and Arwen, from the White City, Minas Tirith, beneath the boughs of the fourth White Tree of Gondor, as the heart of the Reunited Kingdom.

Standard of Living

The Reunited Kingdom enjoys a time of peace and prosperity under King Eldarion, and Gondor lies at the heart of it. They are a Prosperous folk.

Dúnedain Adventurers

The Fourth Age is the Age of Men, and none have enjoyed a greater rise than the Dúnedain. While most of them are content, or even complacent, some have become restless and bored. They seek adventure even for its own sake. Others hope to emulate the examples of their illustrious forebears, like King Elessar, who bore names like Aragorn and “Strider” in his earlier adventures, or Faramir, the son of the last steward.

Suggested Callings: Treasure Hunter, Wanderer. Many of the great powers of old have passed from this world, but they have left wondrous treasures behind to be discovered, luring the Men of the West out to adventure to discover such riches. Other Dúnedain may take the road simply out of boredom or restlessness.

Unusual Calling: Slayer. Orcs are creatures of myth and legend now, all but forgotten. Wars have been fought in living memory, but far away in Harad or Rhûn. The personal tragedy that shapes a Slayer simply doesn’t happen in Gondor very often anymore.

Cultural Blessing

Privilege of Men

This is the Age of Men, and none moreso than the Dúnedain. Add +1 to tolerance for any party that includes a Dúnedain. Additionally, when using Courtesy, Dúnedain characters can roll the Feat die twice and keep the best result.

Starting Scores

Endurance: 20 + Heart
Hope: 10 + Heart

Common Skills

Copy the following skill ranks onto the character sheet and underline the favored skill:


Weapon Skills

Choose one of the following two Weapon skill sets and record it on your character sheet:

  • (Swords) 1, Spear 1, Dagger 2
  • Longsword 2, Spear 1, Dagger 1


Choose two traits from: Cooking, Elven-lore, Fire-making, Minstrelsy, Smoking, Trading


1 — Ranger of Ithilien

The Rangers of Ithilien claimed descent from the men who lived beyond the River Anduin before it was overrun by the orcs. In the Third Age, they acted as elite soldiers of Gondor, harrying the Enemy even before the War of the Ring. Today, Elboron, the son of Faramir and Éowyn, rules as prince, but the rangers now patrol even deeper into Mordor in pursuit of outlaws and even the occasional surviving band of orcs.

Basic Attributes: Body 6, Heart 4, Wits 4

Favored Skill: Stealth

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Elusive, Fierce, Gruff, Hardened, Secretive, Stern, Suspicious, Vengeful

2 — Merchant

The peace of King Elessar’s long reign opened up opportunities for even more prosperity, as merchants could now travel safely by road and ship to distant parts of Middle-earth. Even in the Fourth Age there are many dangers that a merchant might face — but even greater wealth for those who dare to face them. The merchants of Gondor have grown into a powerful class by the time of Elessar’s heir, the current king, Eldarion.

Basic Attributes: Body 3, Heart 4, Wits 7

Favored Skill: Persuade

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Adventurous, Bold, Clever, Energetic, Fair-spoken, Generous, Merry, Proud

3 — Revolutionary

The line of kings in Gondor stretches back through King Elessar to Isildur and Elendil, to the time of Númenor, but as that history has so often illustrated, blood is no guarantor of wisdom, and even the very wise cannot see all ends. The most improper job of any man is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.

Basic Attributes: Body 3, Heart 6, Wits 5

Favored Skill: Riddle

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Determined, Elusive, Fierce, Just, Lordly, Suspicious, Wary, Willful

4 — Lordling

There are many lords and ladies, potentates, magnates, and patricians in Gondor who trace their lineage through thousands of years of history, claiming descent from some ancient king, or relation to some obscure prince. You are the scion of such a house — an heir of noble Dúnedain blood, however distantly.

Basic Attributes: Body 4, Heart 4, Wits 6

Favored Skill: Awe

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Bold, Cunning, Generous, Honorable, Lordly, Proud, Tall, Wrathful

5 — Agent

The eyes of the White Tower are not blind. You are a secret agent of King Eldarion, his eyes and ears. It is your task to ferret out secret plots, conspiracies, treasonous schemes, seditious cabals, and others who threaten the Reunited Kingdom.

Basic Attributes: Body 5, Heart 2, Wits 7

Favored Skill: Insight

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Cautious, Cunning, Curious, Elusive, Keen-eyed, Patient, Secretive, Quick of hearing

6 — Bon Vivant

The Fourth Age is an era of peace and prosperity — should we not enjoy the fruits of such a blessed age, particularly when so many of our forebears endured so much hardship and struggle to bring it to bear?

Basic Attributes: Body 2, Heart 7, Wits 5

Favored Skill: Courtesy

Distinctive Features: (Choose two traits from those listed) Bold, Eager, Energetic, Fair, Fair-spoken, Generous, Merry, Reckless


  • Main language: Westron
  • Secondary language: Gondor Sindarin

Dúnedain Names

In the last days of Númenor, Ar-Pharazon rejected the use of Sindarin in favor of Adunaic to sharpen his political point. Elendil and his followers, the first of the Dúnedain, used Sindarin specifically to distance themselves from him. Thousands of years later, the Dúnedain still use Sindarin names. Many Dúnedain lines use alliteration from one generation to the next (e.g., Aragorn was the son of Arathorn, and after taking the throne as Elessar, he named his son Eldarion).

Male Names: Adrahil, Amlaith, Anardil (Sun Lover), Anárion (Of the Sun), Anborn, Angbor (Iron?), Arador (Royal?), Araglas (Royal leaf), Aragorn (Royal Tree), Aragost (Royal Fortress), Arahad (Royal?), Arahael (Royal?), Aranarth (Royal Realm), Arannel (Royal Star), Aranuir (Royal?), Araphant (Royal?), Araphor (Royal?), Arassuil (Royal?), Arathorn (Royal?), Araval (Royal?), Aravir (Royal?), Aravorn (Royal?), Argeleb (Royal Silver), Argonui (Royal Stony), Arvedui (King Last), Arvegil (Royal?), Arveleg (Royal?), Baranor (Tower Sun), Belecthor (Great Eagle), Beleg (Mighty), Belegorn (Great Tree), Beregond (?Stone), Beren, Bergil (?Star), Boromir, Celepharn, Cirion (Ship?), Damrod, Denethor (?Eagle), Derufin, Dervorin, Dírhael, Duilin (River Song), Duinhir (River Lord), Ecthelion, Egalmoth, Eldacar, Eradan, Faramir, Findegil (?Star), Finduilas (Hair?), Forlong, Golasgil (Leaf Star), Halbarad (Tall Tower), Hallas (Tall leaf ), Hirgon (Lord Stone), Hirluin (Lord Blue), Húrin, Ingold, Iorlas (?Leaf ), Mablung (Heavy Hand), Malbeth (Gold?), Malvegil (Gold?), Ohtar (Warrior), Orodreth, Thorondir (Eagle Sight), Thorongil (Eagle Star), Turgon (Lord of Stone)

Female Names: Gilraen (Wandering Star), Ioreth, Ivorwen (?Maiden), Lothíriel (Flower Lady), Morwen (Dark Maiden).

Adventuring Age (16-50)

The Dúnedain aren’t considered adults capable of running off on adventures until their 16th year of age, and rarely continue beyond fifty, when they retire to a more quiet life.



The Dúnedain still, on rare occasion, show a gift of prophecy. You always gain an extra bonus Success die on a preliminary roll. Even if you fail the roll, you gain one Success die.


A skilled warrior can use his sword to deflect blows that would have otherwise hit their mark. You have learned to fight defensively, using your sword to full advantage. When you are fighting in a Defensive stance, add a bonus to your Parry equal to the Encumberance rating of your sword.

The Gift of Men

The Gift — or the Doom — of Men is their mortality. This frees them, too, from the Music of the Ainur, and grants them the free will to make their own destiny. When you have are wise enough to understand mortality as a gift, raise your maximum Hope score by 1 point, and when you die, double the heroic heritage you pass on to your heir.


When you spend a point of Hope to invoke an Attribute bonus, you also cancel all penalties from being Weary for that action.

Blood of Númenor

Though the blood of Númenor is now all but spent, you know that ancient heritage still flows in your veins. When you use any of the Personality skills, you may roll the Feat die twice and keep the better result.


Horn of Gondor

The original Horn of Gondor was an ancient artifact of great power, destroyed with Boromir in the War of the Ring. King Elessar ordered the making of new horns of lesser stature to reward the heroes of Gondor. If you are not surprised and you possess a Horn of Gondor, then you can sound it to turn any and all failures on that surprise test into a success. You can also use the Horn of Gondor to help in a Rally Comrades task in combat, allowing you to roll the Feat die twice and keep the higher result.

Shield of the White Tree (Great Shield)

In the latter days of the Third Age, Gondor could not afford the best equipment for her soldiers. They went to war against Mordor with inferior shields and armor. King Elessar changed this. In the time of Eldarion, the Shield of the White Tree became a military honor in the Reunited Kingdom. It is a broad, thick shield, with an image of the White Tree of Gondor inlaid upon it in mithril. When you are using the shield, your Parry bonus gets an additional +2 bonus against ranged weapons. Additionally, while bearing it, you gain an additional Success die to any Awe roll.

Legendary Sword (Longsword)

Many lords and heroes in the history of the Dúnedain bore famous swords, with names that have carved their own place in history alongside their bearers. Such swords are prized possessions, and fitting rewards for acts of great heroism. If you roll a great or extraordinary success on an attack using a legendary sword, spend one point of Hope to automatically inflict a Piercing blow.

Receive Title: Knight

If you take the Receive Title Fellowship action with the Dúnedain, you will be knighted. You will be given a small keep somewhere in the Reunited Kingdom (most likely in Arnor, where you will be most needed), and a small garrison of soldiers under your command.


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