The Fourth Age

Old Treasures and Ancient Lore

Shadows of Angmar, Part 1

The Shadows of Angmar: Old Treasures & Ancient Lore

On Mid-year’s Day, the Undertowers Adventuring Company met in Bree to undertake a long and dangerous mission. Their previous adventure in Minas Tirith revealed a far-flung and powerful Melkorist cult in possession of morgul blades — evil artifacts of Angmar that turned those cut by them into wraiths, bound to the will of the blade’s master. The fellowship resolved that they must discover the means by which the cult had gained possession of such blades, and put a stop to it. They knew that this would likely put them in the path of wraiths, which could not be harmed by any weapons they possessed. And so, before they could confront their enemies directly, they would need to explore the ruins of Arnor to find ancient treasures that would give them a chance to defeat their enemies.

The fellowship rode south and east towards Hollin, which was once the elven kingdom of Eregion, the famed elf-smiths who worked alongside the dwarves of Khazad-dûm to forge many of the greatest items ever seen in Middle Earth. Along the way they tried to help a child who had fallen into a well, apparently tricked by a ghost. Things seemed to be going well until the ghost attacked again. The girl hit her head, and not all of Garivald’s medicine could heal her.

The fellowship passed through the growing city of Tharbad, and explored the nearby falls after hearing the stories of merchants who hid their treasures there when the city had fallen in the Third Age. They fought the great marsh ogre that lurked there and discovered the treasure, but they found no ancient weapons among them that could harm a wraith.

They came to Hollin, and realizing how close they were to Khazad-dûm, decided to travel there. Dwalin compared records only recently rediscovered by his kin re-occupying their ancient home, and traced the old names of rivers and mountains to conclude that the old capital of Eregion must lay where the rivers Sirannon and Glanduin meet.

They went to that region and began exploring. They were attacked by wargs and won that battle, but one escaped, posing the threat that more would come later. Soon, though, they discovered the ruins of an ancient elvish city, and descended into the dark of Ost-in-Edhil.



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