Wolfhound of Greenleaves



The woodmen of Wilderland train great, long- jawed hounds, stronger than wolves. Sador is such a wolfhound, the loyal companion of Garivald the Healer. His faithfulness reinforces Garivald’s spirit, raising his maximum Hope score by 2 points.

A Hound of Greenleaves is a valorous and noble beast, always ready to take the side of his human companion during combat. When you are engaged in battle, if an attack aimed at you produces an Eye, the blow hits and automatically Wounds the Hound instead (in place of the effects of a normal hit). You may prevent this by taking the automatic Wound yourself. You cannot roll for Protection. A Wounded Hound is put out of combat for the remainder of the scene, and will return at your side at the start of the next session only if you succeed in a Healing roll with a TN of 16. If you fail, the Hound will not recover until the next Fellowship phase.

When Garivald is making a roll using Awareness, he may roll the Feat die twice and keep the best result.



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