Scales of Scatha

The Scales of Scatha

The dragon Scatha lived in the Grey Mountains with a great hoard stolen from the dwarves. It was a man, Fram, son of Frumgar, fifth Lord of the Éothéod — the ancestors of the Eorlingas — who slew the beast. The dwarves laid claim to the stolen treasure, but Fram rebuked the claim, instead sending them the teeth of the dragon along with the message, “Jewels such as these you will not match in your treasuries, for they are hard to come by.” The rebuke angered the dwarves, who slew Fram for the insult, beginning a long enmity between the dwarves and the Éothéod.

This was in the time of the Watchful Peace, after Sauron was driven from Dol Guldur, and through the long years of that peace generations of Éothéod and dwarves knew only rivalry, bitterness, and war between them. In time, though, Sauron returned. A new breed of orcs, the Uruk-hai, emerged, and the Longbeards and the Éothéod put aside their differences to face their common foe. The dwarves created armor from the scales of Scatha, made for the Lord of the Éothéod, and presented to him on the eve of a great battle.

Eventually, that armor found its way to Khazad-dûm, where it was discovered by Garivald the Healer.


Ancient Close Fitting: This Quality enhances the Protection rating of an item by +3. Additionally, if your Valor score is 4 or more, once per combat when your enemy scores a Piercing Blow it misses instead (you do not roll for Protection).


Even though it was a symbol of peace and reconciliation, of old enemies uniting against their common Enemy, something of that old enmity and bitterness seems to cling to the Scales — perhaps reminded of that darkness by the long years it spent in the shadows of Moria.

The Scales bear a greater shadow-stain upon it than most cursed items. As long as the hero carries the item, his Shadow score is augmented by a value equal to the number of Qualities on the item (currently 1). This Shadow increase cannot be removed or healed, and will raise the hero’s Shadow score until the Curse is lifted.

Scales of Scatha

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